Saturday, February 24, 2007

Why is there no carnival in Manila?

The Carnival Season is a period of exuberance and jollity before the traditional Christian rigors of Lent’s 40 days of fasting and sacrifice begin. It is quite stunning to note that in the Philippines there is not much of an official carnival. The Philippines are mainly Catholic and therefore ruled by faith and forgiveness. The 40 days of lent would provide enough time for forgiveness but where are the frisky performances and processions, where is the decadence of Carnival?

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At February 25, 2007 at 5:00 PM, Blogger Sidney said...

Well they have a carnival in the town of Catanauan.

I agree that it is quite strange that we don't have a big carnival in Manila. Maybe we have already too many fiestas?

Boling-Boling” is an old age practice particular to Catanauanins, which is celebrated annually starting on the Sunday and ends on Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday and signals the start of the Lenten Season. Participants roam around the town garbed in any costume they may fancy. Most of them wear colorful clown-like clothes while others imitate anybody whom they despise and make fun of them.

Since I need a carnival before I can bear the Lenten season I did the long travel to Catanauan from Manila. I almost died in a car accident on the road to cover this carnival…
I will probably publish some pictures in my blog after Holy Week.

At February 25, 2007 at 5:27 PM, Blogger brommel said...

Thank you very much, Sydney. Also thanks for the link: mud and ashes costumes and Moriones gladiators besides others. Very nice, indeed.
You really know the Philippines. Looking forward to see your pictures after Easter.

Last April we went from Laiya, Batangas with a speed boat to Santa Cruz, Marinduque and to some of the islands nearby. We had been very close to Catanauan already. It's probably worth hiring a banca before the dirt road starts.


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