Sunday, May 06, 2007

Glamorous Elections

Wherever you are these days in the Philippines you will either run into a political event or being followed by cars with loudspeakers paying tribute to the political candidate to be elected.

Often popular songs with easy to remember lyrics in praise of the politician are being used. These songs are so powerful that common people would remember the name of a candidate, not his capability as a leader, just how captivating and promising his slogans are.

Politics are quite similar to show business in the Philippines: Get the right rhythm, get the feelings right! Everything has to be easily packed so that it can be instantly consumed. It’s like buying bright colored tomatoes or mangoes which are often bought because of their shine. The sane buyer knows that shine does often the trick and that the product may be bland. Especially in the countryside, voters should know better that appearance is not equal to taste/trust.

Since all candidates use the same tricks, campaigns turn into brainwashing. No chance to escape. If you try to escape, make sure you know where you are heading to, road signs are mostly buried under election posters.

Photo from somewhere in Agusan del Norte, Mindanao in April 2007.

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