Monday, January 22, 2007

Why Pakistan?

There are several answers why Pakistan is a fascinating country. Actually, most are related to 'Pakistan's' magnificent pre-Pakistan times...

One example is the city of Uch Sharif, the city of saints, famous for its shrines and tombs. Uch is some 70 km from Bahawalpur in the southern Punjab of Pakistan. It’s a marvelous place where sufi spirituality is felt everywhere. One of its famous sites is the 15th century tomb of Bibi Jiwindi, the great daughter of Syed Jalal ud Din Jokhari Jahanian Jahangasht. I do not know anything about Bibi Jiwindi but if you get to Uch it doesn’t matter since you will be close to her.

Photo from September 2003 of Bibi Jiwindi's tomb together with one of her grand-grand-grand-grand….daughters.

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