Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In the Philippines 30% increase in IQ guaranteed

Beware of the Philippines, a country with one of the highest birthrates on Earth!

The Philippines, this rising human power house had a population of approximately 20 million in 1950 and 40 million were reached in the early 1970s. The next population doubling happened after 30 years around 2002. Based on the annual population growth rate of the last census (2000 census) the next doubling will happen after 29 years based on an annual population growth rate of 2.36 percent.

We can be sure that this trend continues. The big proponents of God’s Will in the Philippines such as the Catholic Church and Iglesia ni Christo are completely failing to address the problem of high speed population growth.

If we add a guaranteed increase of 30% in IQ on such a growing population we can be ensured that the Philippines will bypass all the other Asian neighbors shortly. So God will.

Photo from Makati, Manila (July 2006).

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