Friday, June 30, 2006

Bölkstoff and Flens

Living in Manila gives you very limited access to the world of beers. Here everything is somehow owned by the San Miguel Corporation. Their beers are ok but you certainly miss the variety of different sorts of beers. Often I even have the feeling that San Miguel adds sugar into their prime brand the famous Pale Pilsen which you get in almost all bars in the Philippines. Please, proof me wrong that they don’t do it!!!

In the Philippines they add sugar into everything. Even McDonalds lost against the local competitor Jolibee because the latter was able to produce sweeter hamburgers to match the local taste.

Coming now to the good news: Yesterday I received a mail from Stoppel who will come for a visit to Manila to bring Bölkstoff and Flens (German Pilsen from Flensburg). Besides the great taste which leads to the ‘bölk’, the beer comes with a famous swing-top which makes the unmatchable 'plop' if you open the bottle.

Getting thirsty by writing….

Stoppel Picture (June 2006).

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