Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to devalue a $3.2 million property?

It all happened in two days 
while the property from where the pictures were taken 
was built in one year.

Building the slum house took only a few hours. 
Spot the nice window below.

 Negotiations started: the window got closed.

 More beautification, negotiations ongoing.

Negotiations failed: Phase 2 begins.

It is still not clear what phase 2 means: 
Space for water tanks, flat-plate solar collector, 
or simply 2 new rooms to be rented out? 

Negotiations resumed: 
The 2nd floor construction is getting some paint.

The view since more than one month: 
Negotiations ongoing but ...

Now ask about building standards, hutong policies, and the rule of law.

In sum, time to leave.

Beijing, May 2013.

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