Monday, December 27, 2010

Impressions of Iran

Very friendly people.
The Naghsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan, one of the biggest city squares in the world and a wonderful example of Iranian and Islamic architecture.
Isfahan's Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque in the afternoon.
Dome of Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque.
Entrance to the Shah Mosque (Masjed-e Shah),
nowadays called Imam Mosque in Isfahan.
33 Pol Bridge in Isfahan.
Khaju Bridge, Isfahan.

The tombs of Naqsch-e Rostam (close to Persepolis).

Caravanserei near Yazd.

Jâme Mosq.
Badgir or windcatchers from Yazd.

The Ice House from Abarku and the art of producing ice in the middle of the desert.

Visiting the tomb of Hafez during his anniversary.

Sunflower seeds as a gift during a hike close to Yazd.

Iran, October 2010.

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