Thursday, October 08, 2009

Victoria Falls Hotel: an island in Zimbabwe

At the time being, the city of Victoria Falls is one of the few places in Zimbabwe where there are tourists, and probably one of the less rough places for Zimbabweans themselves.

The Victoria Falls Hotel opened its doors in 1905 but due to the inept ruler Robert Mugabe and his cronies even this pearl of a hotel hardly gets an occupacy rate higher than 20% these days.
Big emphasis is put on perspectives, the architecture mingling with the landscape. The garden on the back opens on a view of the Zambezi river and the bridge connecting Zimbabwe with Zambia.
Warthogs contribute to the manicured lawn. They are the only concession to ugliness.
The hotel is a masterpiece of architecture, and in very good condition. The latter came as a big surprise. Anyway it's an island in a sea of sadness.
Pool in style.
The hotel offers direct access to the falls. These days, the path is full of hawkers accepting all kind of barter goods such as half empty shampoo bottles, soap, and pens.
In September, the falls are not at their fullest, but nevertheless impressing.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, September 2009.

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