Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feeding the dead

Gods material shops (神料商店) are abundant in Chinese areas throughout East Asia. These shops are specialized in supplying materials for worship related to Chinese beliefs, these often being a mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and whatever has crossed Chinese minds in the past thousands of years. Many of the items are made of paper and are effigies of the goods the deceased is longing for.

Below are some selected items for sale in Gods material shops:

A torch (below) as the souls may need more light...
... or a shirt, however it's the tropical version of cloth. Tried to find a fur coat made out of paper but it seems that the dead are not asking for it currently. It's surely a demand driven business.
An airline ticket together with God's mastercard: It's very important for the dead to stay mobil: traveling from paradies to hell and vice versa?
A nice mahjong set will provide the continuation of gambling in the afterlife.
Not one, but five different hand phones; just as in real life.
A pair of red sandales for the woman and cigars for the man, what else would make afterlife bearable?
Below some items for kids ...
... and for the 'branded' lady.
... and a house; why not to ask for more?
... like toilet items as bad breath may spoil no found relationships.
A ventilator as rightly presumed it will be a crowded place down/up there which deserves lot's of ventilation.
... and the winner is a white Rolls Royce, with driver. Just as in real life.
... don't miss the set of underwear for the lady below!
Malacca, Malaysia, July 2009.

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