Monday, May 04, 2009

The eternal art of dressing well

Very few Dani still wear their national attire consisting for men only of a different and quite innovative sort of underwear (see above). The koteka made out of gourd is being placed over the penis to be hold with two strings, one placed over the testicles, the other around the waist. It's quite comfortable and remarkable that this fashion never made it out of stone-age culture. For Karl Lagerfeld this art of dressing may be too pre baroque, but sorts like Jean-Paul Gaultier may like kotekas made out of leather or just in pink, purple or black. What about the essence of koteka as a new perfume?

Seeing Dani women’s backs is as unlikely as seeing the bare front of a female tourist on a Dubai beach (see below). The noken, a woven bag made of inner tree bark fibers and carried on the back supported by a band over the forehead is the ultimate answer to combining clothing and accessoires.

Suroba, Baliem Valley, Papua, April 2009.

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