Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Drumming your way into Ramadan

[Picture of a drummer will follow, was too sleepy to get up 'in time' (see below)]

Ramadan in most Indonesian cities started early in the morning of September 1st. The fast began in the morning just before sunrise (imsak), and will be broken at maghrib, just after sunset (17:55PM precisely for Sep l).

In our neighborhood, young boys walked around at about 2:30AM, beating on drums to awaken the faithful (but also us...) who are fasting so that they would have ample time for a meal before sunrise. The whole late night (or was it early morning?) the faithful were singing and praying, only to be interrupted by the morning prayer at 4:45AM.

Very tired on my way to work at 8AM I listened to Roger Water's 'What God wants, God gets...'

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