Friday, August 01, 2008

Fish head with fins

A scuba diver's dream came true. We spotted mola mola's (or sun fishes) yesterday off the coast of Nusa Penida, close to Bali.

We had three encounters with them. The unforgettable sighting happened while we watched one big mola mola (2.20 meter) in 28 meters slowly moving in front of us. We observed every tiny little detail of that dinosaur head with ears. Then suddenly another mola mola appeared out of the dark blue and swam vertically up to the surface. I tried to follow the fish and saw from 12 meters away that it jumped out of the water and as the splash disappeared it lay flat on the water basking in the sun…

Photo from Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay dive site. Courtesy of this picture goes to C, my underwater camera is in repair since one week. BTW, sightings of these mind-boggling creatures are fairly predictable from end of July to beginning of October in Bali (Nusa Pendida).

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