Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Car Spa

A great treat - your car deserves it!

Tender Moments (90 min.)..................Rp79,000
Wheel weights with brakes massage, includes aromatic front and back tyres stretching.

The Essentials (3 hrs.).........................Rp135,000
Deep-pore cleansing clutch parts, and engine hood,

Total Ecstasy (1 hr. 45 min.)...............Rp92,500
Your car will enjoy a 13 minute 13 seconds back massage, followed by a headlight bulb tender treatment and an aromatic front and back tyre massage.

Relaxing Sensations (1 hr. 45 min.)..Rp73,000
Your car shall indulge in a 20-minute aromatic front suspension massage and hydrating radiator treatment featuring a 15-minute massage of the x4reup bolts.

Anti Stress Marine Treatment (1 hr.)....Rp85,000
A warm detoxifying seaweed pack followed by a relaxing starter massage with the added luxury of an aromatic hood, front and back door pumping.

Cleansing Body and Soul (2 ½ hrs.)..Rp159,000
Sea salts facilitate a dry exfoliation, followed by a massage with essential oils chosen to complement your car color. Oil and salts are removed with warm towels, the car will be enveloped in thermal blanket while a New Guinea or Batak hood therapy massage melts any remaining tension. The pampering package ends with a valve cover gasket treatment using rain forest mud, a sumptuous blend of selected herbs that relieves stress and fatigue.

The Great Escape (3-4 hrs.).............Rp228,500
Allow the vital elements from the ocean to infuse every cell of your car parts. We begin by caressing the car's front door (left side) with a warm, effervescent seaweed pack, then the pampered friend will enjoy a rainforest mud rebalancing SS painted grill massage while the tyres are immersed in a warm, hydrating, paraffin pack. The owner might join and will indulge in a 30-minute aromatherapy massage. For the owner the session culminates with a cleansing pedicure, a replenishing sea water spray and the nails will be filed and finished. This total treatment will leave the car and its owner feeling fresh and nourished at every level.

Photo from Jakarta, March 2008.

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At June 3, 2008 at 4:12 PM, Blogger Rob Baiton said...

Weird indeed...nuff said!

I have whacked a link to you in my blog roll (returning the favour!)...

At June 3, 2008 at 11:42 PM, Blogger brommel said...

Thanks, Rob. Allbest!


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