Friday, November 30, 2007

Two days in the Philippines

First, we had a typhoon which was expected to hit Manila on Wednesday, 28 November 2007. Signal one for Wednesday: all schools closed. Weather on Wednesday: bright sunshine.

Second, no more signal for Thursday. Typhoon out of range. Weather on Thursday: unstoppable rain.

The storm was political! On Thursday morning, a couple of officers
the usual suspects already convicted for a coup attempt three years agojust marched out of court (sic!) and stormed a five-star hotel (and wedding party), demanding for the President to resign. A couple of hours and a bit of machine-gun fire later, business as usual. The coup attempt was over, the Peninsula will require 'beautification', armoured vehicles had stormed the lobby.

Then (same Thursday at 19:50 PM) a caring message sent out by my employer: 'Curfew imposed for Metro Manila from midnight to 5AM (but with exeptions).' ... and one more at 20:47 PM: 'If traveling in Metro Manila (...) ensure you have personal/official/vehicle ID and under no circumstances carry firearms'.

What a start into a long weekend.

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